Our Recent Work

PJ’s Cafe


Working on PJ’s Cafe was a blast! We custom designed a fully responsive site that matched the style and colors of the cafe. We shot all of the photography for the site, including the food. We also tailored a daily special page that our client can easily modify daily. This page also posts to their Facebook page for more marketing coverage. We also custom designed an easy to modify food menu that our client can update quickly on the fly at any time.

Marriage Boot Camp


The Couples Retreat is a Marriage Boot Camp three-day seminar focused on rejuvenating your relationship. Set among the most beautiful backdrops in the world, we will improve your communication, connection, and intimacy through a series of interactive games and drills. You and your mate will grow in an atmosphere that is both fun and romantic. Marriage Boot Camp is also aired on WETV nationally and in its 5th season. A custom logo was created along with special programming of the upcoming retreat dates and locations, which is a live feed from corporate Marriage Boot Camp.

Resurrection Time Conspiracy


Resurrection Time Conspiracy is a film website that is linked to a KickStarter campaign that we also created to gain funds for production and distribution of the film. All of the images and graphics were created from scratch. No film images were present as it hadn’t been filmed yet.

The film’s short synopsis: Terrorists use a time machine to kill Jesus before his resurrection. Only a handful of young geniuses can restore the time line, but are racing against time.

Life Enrichment
Boot Camp


Life Enrichment Boot Camp provides expert self improvement and self development for a better life. Whether you’re single, separated, divorced, in a relationship, or married, Life Enrichment Boot Camp is for you. Life Enrichment Boot Camp is operated by Marriage Boot Camp, which is also aired on WETV nationally and in its 5th season. A custom logo was created along with special programming of the upcoming retreat dates and locations, which is a live feed from corporate Marriage Boot Camp.

Computer Medic


Computer Medic services the Tampa Bay, Florida area. They provide expert quality, fully guaranteed computer repair services. If you’re having a major computer emergency, please call Jeff Hamilton at 727-239-6797. He’ll help you right away! Jeff is also our dedicated computer IT guy to maximize our computer’s potential.



PerformaShort is all about YOUR performance and how to kick it into highPerformaShort excercising gear. PerformaShorts will help you to obtain your fitness goals faster than ever! All you have to do is wear the shorts, work out and see the results. iCatching Webs custom built this e-commerce website of course and also shot all of their images.



The TORNADOR® is an innovative cleaning tool that is used by professional auto detailers, mobile detailers, auto auctions, body shops and more. TORNADOR®  is owned and operated by Dennis and Charmaine Dehn, based near Dallas Texas. iCatching Webs has worked with this great couple for close to 20 years creating not only their website, but all factions of their marketing graphic design, photography, videography and more!

The Power of
Nurturing Care


Patty Miller is a Certified Child Life Specialist and an infant behavior and developmental specialist. She worked to bring developmental care to the newborn nursery, NICU and now this wonderful website. Her goal is to bring the best of her clinical practices to parents. Patty really wanted the entire look of the site to scream babies and toddlers (pardon the pun), which she thinks we hit the mark. Patty also wanted to sell her digital baby training books on her site using fun and animated page-turning software.

Foundation Coaching


Foundation Coaching Group strives to challenge their clients to live their best lives and to that end they commit to provide individual Coaching and never a one-size fits all “program”. iCatching Webs created their logo and even filmed and edited their intro video. Yes, we are a one-stop marketing web shop!